The Migraine Assistant

After launching The Migraine Movement Manifesto, from EMHA, we set the goal to inform the largest amount of European migraine sufferers about the existence of that movement, born with the aim of giving them visibility, answers and support.

But…How could we reach and inform such a diverse and numerous audience?

By doing a simple research on Twitter we realized that every few minutes, or even seconds, people who suffer from migraine openly share and express their feelings.

There are hundreds of people just like you, right now, across Europe, tweeting about their pain… but no one pays attention to them. Almost nobody answers them. Ever.

That’s why we planned something amazing. Answering. All of them.

Launching The Migraine Assistant.

The action:

From EMHA we trained 5 assistants to monitor the term “Migraine” on twitter for 5 days and in 5 different countries.

As soon as someone tweeted about their pain, loneliness or desperation…someone on the other side answered them, giving information and communicating in a personalized way and in real time, that there was a movement to give voice to migraine patients.

The results:

Patients gave a good acceptance to the action, both in their opinions as well as in the data on the scope of this activity. This led us to consider repeating the action from EMHA, so as to continue being as close as possible to those who suffer from migraine.

  • 210% Increase in visits to the Landing.
  • 222% Increase in new users.
  • 58,067 Impacts.
  • 1,484 Tweets.
  • 1,180 Engagement of Twitter profiles.
  • 70% positive responses.
  • 188% Increase in sessions.
  • 163% Increase in page views.

Join the Movement 

If you are a patient, you can share your experience with us, your motivation and your desire to change the actual situation. If you are the family member of a migraineur, you also have a great deal of experience to share and an empathy feeling to work on.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can deepen your knowledge of our situation and help us  live a better life.

If you are an employer, you can put yourself in our place and help us build a more fair and safe society for millions of workers in Europe and all over the world.

If you are a politician, we expect you to join our cause and cooperate with us to reach goals that otherwise would be unreachable without you. 

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