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From The Migraine Movement we know how difficult is to make others, that don’t suffer from migraine, understand and empathize with our disease. That’s why we wanted to give our community a tool to explain better what it feels like to suffer and live with migraine.

We realized that the words we normally use to describe our relationship with migraine simply fall short to convey the true feeling behind. Words like “pain” or “horror”, commonly used to describe a migraine, ended up being generic adjectives that linked our disease to a simple headache.

This is the reason why we launched “The Explaining Migraine Dictionary”, the first dictionary of terms entirely dedicated to words that describe feelings related to migraine and with a simple objective:

If we have more words to explain our migraine people and society will understand better our disease.

The action was launched and it is still going on trough Instagram, where our community has the freedom to propose us new words to talk about migraine. During 2020 we have collected all these words that definitely explain much better migraine!

If you have not yet contributed with your word to the dictionary, run to leave it to us in this publication!

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If you are a patient, you can share your experience with us, your motivation and your desire to change the actual situation. If you are the family member of a migraineur, you also have a great deal of experience to share and an empathy feeling to work on.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can deepen your knowledge of our situation and help us  live a better life.

If you are an employer, you can put yourself in our place and help us build a more fair and safe society for millions of workers in Europe and all over the world.

If you are a politician, we expect you to join our cause and cooperate with us to reach goals that otherwise would be unreachable without you. 

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